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Matt Jones/ Paring Down

Matt Jones studied painting at Chelsea College of Art, London. In 2005 he moved to Riverstown Village in County Sligo to renovate a former outbuilding into a family home. A workshop soon followed and he began his wood turning journey through a self-taught apprenticeship.

In 2009 he turned full-time and his business has evolved into a family run enterprise. Matt only uses ethically sourced Irish wood such, as fallen beech, walnut, ash and oak trees to make his collection of handmade salad bowls, salt mills, pepper grinders, commissioned items and sculptural art pieces.

His workshop in the West of Ireland is surrounded by hills, woods and the wild Atlantic sea. This dramatic landscape plays a major part in Matt’s work. His handmade wooden gift-ware and tableware products are both functional whilst at the same time being aesthetically pleasing art pieces in their own right.

As a creative soul, he spent many years painting and working with a blank canvas. Studying and immersing himself in an art world has helped shaped Matt’s artistic and creative position. It’s the paring down of the object to its most functional form to allow everyday use while at the same time offering uniqueness and beauty. Paring Down is a natural wood tone inspired by his craft.

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