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Laura Wilkinson/ Line Art

Laura Wilkinson comes from a background in graphic design, with a degree in Visual Communications from Dublin Institute of Technology, and an Art Direction Masters from Nottingham Trent University.

Her collection, Aura Designs, works on bringing the natural environment into your home and creating a collective of memories. Designs have been inspired by the places Laura has lived and visited, and nature plays a huge part in her designs coming to life. The range is handcrafted through a screen-printing process and every design is unique.

The design process starts with observation of the visual elements and the emotive experience. Translated into photography, Laura then sketches the visual into line and brush stroke elements to give it a graphic and contemporary focus. Line, colour and texture work together to create a one of a kind piece that captures an aura of the location. Ranges include home furnishing and cushions to wall-mounted fabrics and table linens. Line Art is a smoky off-white colour that echoes the silver foil typical of Laura’s prints.

Complementary Colours

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