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Elaine Madigan/ Rose Mantle

Elaine Madigan runs a family business, with her husband Richard, in their studio in the countryside of Straffan, Kildare. Elaine has a deep passion for Irish design, luxury and quality, which has led to the Madigan you experience today.

From her home studio, Elaine develops and creates luxury cashmere knitwear. An understanding and enthusiasm for design and creativity started very early on for Elaine. Her mother instilled in her a passion for creativity and fashion which led to her love of design. Elaine has nurtured this passion for beautiful things in her own family, and the family business, Madigan, is creating the opportunity to mark special moments, pass on traditions, tell stories and to embrace a little luxury in the everyday.

Madigan is a brand rich in Irish culture and heritage, each piece is simple, beautiful and made in Ireland to last a lifetime. The colour Rose Mantle, a subtle dancing pink, carries Elaine’s passion to any space.

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