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Eamon Quinn/ Hall Table

Eamon Quinn has always had an interest in creativity and the arts and a desire to work with his hands. A move from Dublin to West Cork brought him the opportunity to try his hand at a new career. Having always wanted to work with wood, he set about building and equipping his workshop and gaining the skills and knowledge required for furniture making.

Eamon builds functional furniture that combines clean lines with traditional joinery techniques, and his preference is to work with Irish and European hardwoods. When available, he sources logs locally, having them planked before being air dried and kiln dried to the appropriate moisture content.

His aim is to produce functional furniture based on clean lines and harmonious proportions in carefully selected hardwoods.

Eamon’s furniture stands the test of time. Each piece has strong lines, functional design and displays its welcoming, natural wood tones — the inspiration for Hall Table.

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