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Deirdre Duffy/ Soft Sun

Drawing on an intriguing craft heritage, a qualification from National College of Art and Design and her love of creating, Deirdre Duffy has developed a range of handwoven treasures, for the person or the home, that transport the user back to a more innocent time, evoking happy memories.

Cocooned in a woollen blanket, feeling the weight and protection of it, Deirdre’s products are handwoven on a foot powered floor loom—ensuring that no two pieces are ever the same.

Crafted using 100% lambswool; the texture, weight and colours are key to the unique appeal of the work. Its raw materials are infused with natural qualities that can be enjoyed every day to protect against the volatility of the seasons that we live and love in.

Deirdre’s woven heritage blankets wrap and cocoon like the Soft Sun colour they are inspired from.

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