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Brid Kenneally/ Washing Line

Bríd Kenneally is a Irish seascape and landscape artist who lives in her native An Rinn, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

Early on she revealed an artistic response to her surroundings, particularly the activity she noticed around the harbours and coasts in the area. Bríd went on to study at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and has a degree in Fine Art. She travelled extensively throughout Europe, Russia and America, before establishing her own studio and gallery in Lower Main St Dungarvan.

Bríd decided to name the gallery Noínín, which is the Irish for daisy, as they feature so often in her paintings. The whimsical memories of youthful summers and carefree days spent by the sea are a reoccurring theme in her work. Her studio is an organised mess, the floor soiled from paint and the walls covered with pictures and photographs to inspire her.

She uses mixed media and acrylic on canvas, and finishes with oil to accentuate the colours at the end. Bríd’s favorite colour is turquoise blue, and she loves painting seascapes. She mostly paints on the floor but sometimes uses an easel to allow paint to drip creating texture. The colour Washing Line is an energetic and bright blue, reflecting Brid’s work.

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