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On the journey between Ireland’s castles and cottages, you will encounter a quiet legion of dedicated craftspeople, artists and designers. Sometimes working solitarily in studios, other times in plain view surrounded by onlookers. Their work can be as different as canvas to clay, fabric to stone, from the organic to the man-made. Yet all these creators have one thing in common.

For each they have a colour that means something special to them; that unlocks the natural world around them. It takes a special custodian to gather and present these unique colours, to bring them together in a collection that is truly exceptional. As that entrusted custodian, CURATOR is proud to display this stunning Irish Design Collection of colours, a beautiful collaboration of native art and design, for your home. There has never been a time quite like this for Ireland’s dynamic design community.

There has never been a collection quite like CURATOR.

The / Viewpoint

Curator's vocation is to celebrate the vibrancy and colour of Irish Design through our Design Collection. We have travelled the counties of Ireland to curate a collection of colours that are unique to our home and Design Community. We believe Ireland is a muse for creativity across the world, and Curator is the first to portray this through a carefully designed collection of paint colours.

Why / Curator

Curator is the custodian and the collector of precious things. It is a title that is synonymous with art, design, culture and colour. The Curator has the important role of discovering previously uncovered works of art, and procuring a display in collections that inspire.



The collection is inspired not only from the designers who are inherently Irish, but who use Ireland as their muse.



More than just art, a community of designers have come together to create this beautiful palette.



This is a unique, never seen before collection of colours by a unique community of people.



A colour for every room, space, design and purpose. This collection is specially interrelated — each colour has a connection of complementary colours.

The / Palette

This unique palette is designed to ensure that all schemes will find their complementary colours, tones and shades within the collection. Explore the palette to find unique combinations of colours that will answer the needs of any design aesthetic.


The / Creativity

Curator is the gatherer and custodian of colours inspired by Ireland's native Design Community. This Community, featuring artisans from crafts and design to art, have a key commonality; they all quote Ireland as their colour muse.

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The / Quality


Environmentally Friendly

All Curator paint is water based with low odour and low VOCs. It is suitable for every room in the house and is easily washed. Curator paint does not contain any harsh solvents or heavy metals.


European Standard

EN13300 is a European standard for interior paint quality. All Curator paint has been tested to European standard. It has a Class A rating for scrub resistance and opacity.



Curator finishes range from a luxurious soft touch interior wall finish, which exudes quality and opulence, to an elegant finish with a beautiful soft sheen that gently captures the light on your interior walls.


Prime Coat

Prime Coat is for interior and exterior use, with all Curator trim topcoats. This is a high hiding, easy to apply formulation with superior adhesion to almost all surfaces.

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